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Just in case you thought this was anywhere near over:

St. Louis, MO

Since the police report was bullshit, this is footage of what actually happened in the Kajieme Powell shooting YESTERDAY (8/19). Yes, they got another one of our boys. They handcuffed him AFTER shooting him NINE TIMES for stealing donuts and soda. Apparently, “he had a knife”, but they could have easily defended themselves with a taser.

This happened about three miles from where Mike Brown was killed.

White cops are killing all of these brown bodies without hesitation over petty crimes, but this isn’t a race issue? k


This man was obviously upset. No one is denying he was being belligerent. I don’t care what you think, though, no one deserves to be shot over two drinks and a box of donuts or yelling at the police. NON-LETHAL FORCE COULD HAVE BEEN UTILIZED. There was so much time. So much distance. Negotiating could have been attempted, even. What do they do instead? They make a bullet filled body out of him, then handcuff him. Kill ‘em and cuff ‘em over shouting and shop lifting. Fucking. Police. Brutality.

His knife wasn’t out and his hands were at his side, but the cops are claiming he was within 3 or 4 feet with his knife raised to stab. If this gentleman had been WHITE, cops would have wrestled him down and those cuffs would have been slapped on LIVE wrists. White men with guns have been non-lethally subdued and arrested after lethally shooting multiple people. Let that sink in.

holy fucking shit

FYI, the shooting beings around 1:35, its pretty bad

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This is kinda huge for me besides the fact that Anthony follows me on twitter


it’s true what they say about your first love. you never ever forget it.

→ let's play pretend: Believe me, I’m an incredulously huge fan of Lights, been so since...




Believe me, I’m an incredulously huge fan of Lights, been so since ‘09, but I was actually really disappointed with Siberia Acoustic. It didn’t sound as raw as I had expected. I dunno there was something about it.

Most of you guys are so sectarian and don’t have an unbiased dynamic view on her…

Lights didnt want to put out a live performance cd, she couldve done that. She wanted a complete album with multiple instruments, guest vocal parts, and lots of harmonies. I think she tried use the songs to their full acoustic potential with plenty of never-before-heard add-ons, yet keep a stripped down feel to the album. In this, i really feel she was successful. However, i do get what you mean when you say the album isnt raw enough, but i think the super-intimate versions of her songs with just her and her guitar are best saved for the stage

I understand what you’re saying, but at first when she “hinted” about the album, not even announcing or defining there would be one, she said if she were to have this album it would be completey stripped down , similar to her Acoustic EP. It was a hard adjustment listening to this album, it was great, but just very different. I guess I wasn’t ready for such a “drastic” change. Her vocals are stronger but so different and it wasn’t until after the release of the album that she said she didn’t intend on those features, but she was considering them as well as the extra instruments to which she finally made a decision. Also, I didn’t say anything about a live performance cd, I wasn’t expecting that. She already did something like that with the iTunes special. But after I saw her perform And Counting on the piano in Salt Lake City last year, I was afraid to even listen to Siberia Acoustic. In all, the album didn’t do her justice. That’s all I’m really trying to get at haha